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Industrial Microscope

AE2000MET Series

Motic is pleased to present the AE2000MET, an Inverted Metallurgical microscope dedicated for the inspection of bulky materials in automotive, machinery and steel industry.

Large metal pieces or die casting parts, not to be treated with an upright microscope, can easily be examined for failure analysis, material research or quality control.

Motic’s CCIS® Optical System, an advanced Infinity concept, provides new BF/DF objectives with Long Working distance for flat, opaque samples.High quality glasses and anti-reflex coating ensures superb image quality.

BA310MET Series

Motic is pleased to introduce the new BA310MET series, an affordable and powerful Metallurgical microscope line of robust Incident light microscopes.

Now Industrial quality control can be performed for all opaque materials like minerals and metal samples with ease and efficiency. Also, the BA310MET performs well in Educational environments of engineering and material professions, where affordability and ease-of-use are key demands.

Two other additions are also available. The BA310MET-T model has a Transmitted light option that allows easy handling and viewing also of transparent samples and greatly increases the number of industrial applications. The BA310MET-H setup contains a more flexible focusing device, dedicated to the examination of large samples.

BA310 POL Series

Based on the success of its popular BA Microscope Series for Bio-Medical applications, Motic is pleased to introduce the new BA310POL, an extremely powerful yet affordable Polarization microscope for Transmitted light samples.

The BA310POL is designed for the examination of birefringent samples from petrography and mineralogy, and can also be used for the synthetic materials industry where repeatable observations can be performed with efficiency and reliability. The BA310POL also works especially well in Educational applications of material professions, where affordability and ease-of-use are key requirements.

Gemology Microscope

The Motic GM Series is specially designed for preparation and inspection work in Gemology. It is used for surface finish inspection of gems, identification of imperfections and evaluation of purity. With a zoom ratio of 6.7:1 and a standard total magnification of 7.5X to 50X, the GM Series allows you to switch from a sample overview down to viewing micro details.

The GM Series is equipped with bright field and dark field transmitted illumination. Dark field illumination is ideal for the observation of inclusions inside of gems, while the incident Fluorescent illuminator can be used for the examination of the clarity, colour and finishing. The incident illuminator is mounted on a flexible gooseneck in order to adjust and reposition the angle of illumination.

A comfortable viewing position can be obtained by tilting the optical body of the GM Series in a range of 0°-45°, and the entire unit is rotatable 360° to easily share the microscope with others. Documentation purposes can be easily fulfilled by using a digital camera on top a of Trinocular version. For available Moticam cameras please visit our Digital Microscopy section.