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About Us

We are an integrated high-tech enterprise which is engaged in professionally equipped and able team with a varied experience of the Microscopy & Bio-Analytical market segments/geographies.

Welcome to Digilab Bio Analytical Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

As a young & energetic team,We have good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction with Innovative ideas of the management.

We, as an organization & your sincere business partner,are always willing to extend our service and flexibility on your request if situation allowed.

We are good listeners,kindly share what you really think about us as an organization? our employees are well trained & have the directives to be sensitive on customer's feedback & their expectation on our service & quality.

Our Products

List of product offered by Digilab

Digital Slide Scanner

EasyScan is an efficient scanning instrument for producing and sharing high-quality digital images.

Upright Microscope

The Eco-Line Scope ticks all the right features boxes when choosing a microscope. Eco-Binocular model with two

Panthera Series

The Panthera Series has been carefully designed keeping in mind Form & Functionality.

Industrial Microscope

Motic is pleased to present the AE2000MET, an Inverted Metallurgical microscope dedicated for the inspection of bulky materials.

Stereo Zoom Microscope

Make use of the convenience and versatility of seeing a large image at 10X magnification, then zooming continuously to close-up details at 40X.

Inverted Microscope

The AE31 Elite is a refined inverted microscope with an extended focus on practical aspects. The AUTO-OFF via IR sensor is implemented now.


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